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We believe traveling is the ultimate test for comfort and versatility.
We believe that sustainable materials and minimizing our impact on the planet is a must. We believe that we are in this together and that we have a responsibility to do more than just create great products.
Like you, we believe very detail matters.  We have always insisted on PVC-free materials and water based glues for assembly.  In 2018 we introduced Responsibly Sourced Leather: 100% of the water used in the tanning process is naturally purified in on-site wetlands.  Instead of using plastic polybags, our bags are made from a Cradle To Cradle® certified eco stone powder.  We recognise that there is always more to do - sustainability is an ongoing juorney of improving and learning, step by step.
Each pair of Freewaters provides clean drinking water through our grassroots projects in Kenya, Haiti and Philippines.
Designed in California.
Tested around the globe