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Monster Children Travel: Himalayas On Enfields

The idea to ride motorbikes around North West India came to fruition over a couple of beers one afternoon at our local pub with my brother Locky and two good mates.  We were looking at photos from a trip Chris and Aido had taken the summer prior in Tasmania with pushies they’d bought at the Hobart tip shop. Rusted bikes and an astounding lack of fitness meant they didn’t do much more than a glorified pub crawl around the island for a good month, all sponsored by centrelink. We got talking about other trips to tick off the list and before long, the four of us were on a trip headed to Delhi with plans to find Royal Enfields and...

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Chris Burkard in Iceland

Amazing Icelandic photography feature by Chris Burkard up now at MONSTER CHILDREN.Guaranteed to ignite your sense of adventure. Check the full feature here."Snow pelted the windshield faster than the wipers could clear it from view.  It was 7pm in the Arctic but the sky had turned pitch black when the sun set 3 hours prior.  Inside our truck we still donned down coats and gloves, a wardrobe that stays consistent in this environment.  Outside, our car inched forward on snow tires that we trusted to grip the icy road.  Seven hours of driving in darkness had taken its toll but we were determined to make it up to Northern Iceland where a colder remote territory offered unknown adventure." - Chris Burkard...

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Clae Footwear presents: Five by Five Series, Dj Spinna

For their fifth installment of the Five By Five Series, CLAE brings together the eclectic sounds of DJ Spinna with world renowned artist Doze Green to visualize the futuristic sounds that activate your dancing feet.DJ Spinna aurally brings out emotions and energy through his music, transcending the dance music genre into hip-hop, funk and soul. Working with artists such as Eminem, De La Soul, Mary J. Blige and Stevie Wonder, his sounds will move us for years to come.Doze Green hails from the hip-hop / graffiti movement of New York City in the late 70s and early 80s. His transition from the streets and subways into art galleries has led him into a world of exploration of matter and anti-matter,...

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