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RAEN Presents - Harrison Roach, Morocco.

Under the unforgiving cliff faces lay peeling waves…one after another. Unridden walls, pushed and thrown by a howling offshore and shadowed by a dry desert landscape. Created by powerful, Atlantic ocean ground swells these walls track towards land, becoming intense and perfect by the time they reach the western coastline.   The Last Flight to Agadir is a SurfStitch short film, directed and shot by Andrew Gough featuring surfer Harrison Roach chasing a far-fetched but much dreamt about swell in Northern Africa.   Harrison Roach Chasing Morocco | RAEN from RAEN on Vimeo.   Cinematography & Edit – Andrew GoughColourist – Mark DesiatovSoundtrack – Wish Someone Would Care by Irma ThomasNarration – Boilers Ahmed  Presented by – SurfStitch & RAEN

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Elemental L

  ELEMENTAL L is an observance of Longboarding in a simple and compounded form. It highlights the ease with which modern day surfers amble to and from the nose, and celebrates the flow with which they slide from section to section. The surfing in ELEMENTAL L was shot in Noosa Heads, in ideal conditions. This film appreciates the key principles of Longboarding. By watching, the viewer may receive insight into Longboarding’s current standard and style. Fuck high-pro. Featuring RAEN Ambassadors Harrison Roach and Matt Cuddihy along with their pal Zye Norris. Filmed & Edited by Nick Jones Music by the Meters "Cissy Strut

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Welcome: Woody Gooch

We proudly welcome Woody Gooch to our team of RAEN Ambassadors. In what truly is a natural fit, Woody bring an authentic feel to his work that resonates with all of us at RAEN. Woody just went shooting with our mates Harrison Roach and Matt Cuddihy the other day, the results are amazing.    

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